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Dawson Retreat’s Summer Home Tour

Fall is just around the corner. To commemorate a WONDERFUL summer with you, we want to give you a little home tour.    This home is our pride and joy (until we build the next one!) and we’re so excited to share every detail with you. So without any further[…]

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Home #2 Open House

Dawson Retreat’s always seems to keep us on our toes – and last night was no exception! We woke up early and spent the day cleaning and prepping for our open house, and then we spent the evening laughing and chatting with those of you who came. Overall, it was[…]

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Retreat Home #2!

I am so happy to announce that after three meetings with the city, we finally got approval to open a second retreat home in Hamilton, MO! We are working with the bank and hope to start ground work in the next couple weeks. Ahhh! While I’m excited, I’m also really[…]

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Don’t Forget the Things that are Most Important

Snow has blanketed the ground here in Hamilton, MO for nearly a week now. It’s soft silence slowing life to nearly a crawl. Everywhere you turn, a window overlooks a new landscape. Old houses become quaint, barren fields become picturesque, and our hearts turn back to the time when we[…]

What I Learned from a Boulder

Before I got married I was an avid hiker. I went out into the woods every weekend exploring new places and seeing new things. I spent the whole week looking forward to Saturday when I could get away from it all. There was a high in forging new trails and[…]

Does It Get Any Better Than This?!

This month has been so good I’m almost giddy! You know those days when you wake up and think, ‘does it get any better than this?’ Well, that’s been me most of the month (not counting those weeks my daughter was teething).

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Why Dawson Retreats? Why a Retreat Home?

This post is very dear to me… It’s not about adding content or about marketing. I just really want you guys to know why we started “Dawson Retreats”. Why we chose Hamilton, MO as a starting place and why we didn’t just settle for being a vacation rental. 

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Surviving the Remodel

Guests come to us a lot asking how we did it – how on earth did we make a marriage and a family work in a house with no ceiling, missing floors (unless you count dirt), and no water? Well, let me tell you, it was an adventure! Some days were[…]

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Retreat to a Home

When I was a child I used to spend weekends with family I barely knew. I would often spend the weekend hiding in the office study (my bedroom on those occasions) wanting only to ‘retreat home’. Life is sometimes the same way – like a strange relative’s home. It can[…]