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Touring Jamesport MO

Jamesport, MO is one of the largest Amish communities West of the Mississippi River. It offers everything from wood working to fabric shops. You can get fresh, homemade cheese as well as just about anything else! There are simply too many shops and stops to cover them all, but below[…]

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Touring Wallace State Park

  Wallace is one of our favorite places to go around Hamilton to get some peace and quiet. It offers swimming, fishing, walking trails, picnic tables, RV hook-ups, campgrounds, and playgrounds. All of the grounds stay very well maintained and the scenery is just gorgeous!  Wallace Directions: From Hamilton, just[…]

Touring Branson, MO!

Branson is such a beautiful town to visit! We would go there every summer with our family and it was always the highlight of the year. The best part is, Branson offers something for everyone!   Below are some of our favorite spots – but this list barely scratches the[…]

Day Trips Near Hamilton Missouri

Hamilton’s claim to fame is not in the exciting thrills around it, but in the quiet peacefulness you can find here. The people are kind and gracious, you can still hear the cows in the morning from the center of town, and children still ride their bikes through the streets[…]

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Retreat Home #2!

I am so happy to announce that after three meetings with the city, we finally got approval to open a second retreat home in Hamilton, MO! We are working with the bank and hope to start ground work in the next couple weeks. Ahhh! While I’m excited, I’m also really[…]

Does It Get Any Better Than This?!

This month has been so good I’m almost giddy! You know those days when you wake up and think, ‘does it get any better than this?’ Well, that’s been me most of the month (not counting those weeks my daughter was teething).

What I’ve learned from a Small Town

Living in a small town is the new “big thing”. Some say it’s for the safety that a small community provides while others say it’s for the relationships. My personal experience says that it’s so much more. Living in Hamilton, MO has taught me lessons that I couldn’t have learned[…]

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Luxury isn’t things – it’s experiences

Our tag line is “Hotel luxury in a home-style setting”, but what is luxury? Now-a-days it seems like nearly everything has the title of being ‘luxurious’. We have luxury cars, luxury motels, luxury dining, the list could go on and on. But what does it truly mean? The dictionary defines luxury[…]

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Twelve Reasons You Should Take a Vacation

If there is one thing we get serious about – it’s traveling. Some of my earliest and dearest memories involve traveling with my parents, and it is only through travel that I met my husband. SO here are 12 reasons that you need to take a vacation this weekend (feel free[…]

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Why Dawson Retreats? Why a Retreat Home?

This post is very dear to me… It’s not about adding content or about marketing. I just really want you guys to know why we started “Dawson Retreats”. Why we chose Hamilton, MO as a starting place and why we didn’t just settle for being a vacation rental.