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Why Dawson Retreats? Why a Retreat Home?

This post is very dear to me… It’s not about adding content or about marketing. I just really want you guys to know why we started “Dawson Retreats”. Why we chose Hamilton, MO as a starting place and why we didn’t just settle for being a vacation rental. 

I have been learning a lot about branding recently – about creating a brand and about how to make the brand into something others will fall in love with. It’s been an interesting journey to say the least, but their are four questions I’ve run across in my studies that I’m going to answer here.

1. What’s your purpose as a business?

 We are here to bring safe, beautiful, homes to travelers.

2. What do you as a company really believe in? 

Community, family, travel, beauty, kindness, and going the extra mile.

3. Why do you exist as an organization? 

We exist because travelers deserve more than just a room. They deserve a place to call home while they are away from theirs.

4. Why will you matter in the world? 

Vacationers and travelers crave our own space – our autonomy – when we travel. All day we are surrounded by people and places that are new to us and by the end of the day all we need is a small piece of familiarity to come home to… Dawson Retreats will be that small piece of home that can be there for travelers and vacationers wherever they find themselves.


That last question – why will you matter in the world? – really hit home. It made us ask ourselves,

Do we really matter? Should we really matter? Are our goals and values as a business worth enough that the world should take note of us?

Benjamin and I are no where near perfect, and we certainly aren’t to the point that we should matter to the world… But we can create a company made of only the best things. Formed and built around love and family. A company who values the things the world has forgotten, like honesty and trustworthiness. The home is a sacred place – a place we shouldn’t have to give up in order to visit new places and new people.


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