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Luxury isn’t things – it’s experiences

Our tag line is “Hotel luxury in a home-style setting”, but what is luxury? Now-a-days it seems like nearly everything has the title of being ‘luxurious’. We have luxury cars, luxury motels, luxury dining, the list could go on and on. But what does it truly mean?

The dictionary defines luxury as being, “a condition of abundance or great ease and comfort”.

We disagree!

Today, hotels and car dealerships are chasing the old definition of luxury by adding more pillows, leather, and gadgets wherever they can to catch the eye of the next passerby; trying to sell them on the idea that if they bought their product they could (with some added debt) feel like the upper class.

The only problem is, the generations today are beginning to see how shallow it all is, and how unfulfilling extra debt and financial worry is. The lie behind the race to buy more and buy bigger is becoming easier to see by the second.

We believe that luxury is in a cup of coffee on a misty morning. It’s curling up in bed next to the one you love and cuddling for 10 more minutes before getting up. Or maybe sipping hot coco around a fire. It’s pulling a blanket around you as you sink into your favorite couch to read a good book after the rest of the house has fallen asleep.

Luxury is taking the time to do the things that make your soul sing.

This is why we didn’t build a hotel – we built a home. It’s why we have built a family instead of a company. We believe that you deserve every luxury when you stay at our retreat home. You deserve the pillow top mattresses and the collection of favorite movies in the cabinet, the soft blankets and the grill out back, the giant windows facing the sunrise, and the garden that smells like spring.

Some people say that luxury can be acquired, but we believe luxury has to be experienced.

When I was a kid, I grew up in a single family home which means we didn’t have much by way of extra spending money. But even though we didn’t have a lot of things we had a lot of memories. Our family went on trips that I will never forget. We went rock climbing and canoeing. One summer we would go white water rafting in Tennessee and then next we would go on a long road trip just to find the perfect camping spot. We weren’t ‘rich’ as the world sees it, but we were rich in experiences.


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My family and will always be close because of the things we did together, and I think that’s true for anyone. I love the ease with which we can connect, but I think sometimes we forget that a true connection needs to be made through common experiences, no through common communication (though that is important!). And while we all know this, sometimes life sweeps us away and it feels like we’ve lost our opportunity. Or we feel like we have to pay an arm and a leg in order to get that opportunity!

We promise you, we will always be here, and we will never request an arm or a leg in payment! Ok, Ok, all joking aside, our goal here is to provide you with a place that you can get away from the world and find the time to make memories you will treasure forever.

Treat yourself to the luxury of a quiet morning and a day spent with friends. You deserve it.