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Home #2 Open House

Dawson Retreat’s always seems to keep us on our toes – and last night was no exception! We woke up early and spent the day cleaning and prepping for our open house, and then we spent the evening laughing and chatting with those of you who came. Overall, it was the perfect way to spend a Thursday. 

The Prep Work

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Wednesday night I was all hyped up and ready to hit Thursday hard. I was going to have the whole place clean and ready to go HOURS before anyone arrived! And then the rains came. Our backyard went from beautiful to flooded in a matter of hours. All those tools I was going to move out of the retreat house and into our own home sat unmoved as we waited for the storms to pass. And as soon as they did, guess who was in the puddles getting as muddy as possible! Yap, that would be my daughter. Sometimes I wish she didn’t take after me quite so much. 

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Shortly after we were able to get in and start moving tools, I realized that there were several very important things I’d forgotten to get! So off to the store we went to get coat hangers, pink lemonade, flowers, and a garbage can. 

By the time we got back (because the closest Lowe’s is 30 minutes away!) it was almost 1pm and the cleaning began in earnest. Cookies were made and put in the oven, pineapple was cut, little smokies were put in the crockpot, and flowers were put in vases. The whole house began to smell heavenly! 

The Open House

Guests started arriving at 5:20pm just as the cookies were coming out of the oven. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect! I was so happy that someone had come, I could have kissed them! My excitement quickly shifted to panic as more and more people started pressing through the door. 

I had prepped enough food from maybe 10-15 people assuming that I’d have leftovers. By the time everyone had came and went, about 30 people came to see the new house last night! You guys are amazing (even though you gave me a slight heart attack)! 

The House

For all of you who weren’t able to make it last night, since I know many of our followers are no where NEAR Missouri, I want to give you your own private tour of the home. 🙂 

Queen Bedroom #1 – my favorite bedroom!

Queen Bedroom #2

Bathroom dawson retreats hamilton mo hotel

Queen Bathroom

bedroom dawson retreats blue room hamilton mo hotel retreat home vacation

King Bedroom

bathroom master bath hamilton mo dawson retreats retreat home quilting retreat hotel

King Bathroom

Living room ottoman (isn’t it gorgeous?!)

living room dawson retreats hamilton mo hotel

Living Room with a view of the king bedroom and sewing desk

living room tv dawson retreats hotel hamilton mo

Living Room (Equipped with Cable TV, Wifi, DVD’s, & the flowers a friend sent)

Dining Room

laundry room dawson retreats retreat home hamilton mo hotel vacation

Laundry Room

door blue door hamilton mo hotel retreat home dawson retreats

That door! Oh my gosh, I love it!

blue door yellow house hamilton mo hotel reatreat home vacation home dawson retreats

Exterior View

kitchen dawson retreats retreat home vacation hamilton mo quilting hotel

The kitchen might be my second favorite part… Lol

kitchen dawson retreats retreat home hamilton mo hotel

One more of the kitchen just because it’s cute!



And there’s the house! I hope you all love it as much as I do. It’s been so much fun getting to this point that now I’m counting down the days till the next one! Let us know what you think in the comments or shoot us an email. 😀