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A Visit To Jamesport

A Visit To Jamesport

Jamesport is one of the largest Amish settlements West of the Mississippi River – and it’s just 30 minutes from Hamilton, MO! And since it’s one of our favorite day trips, my daughter and I thought you might like your own personal tour as well. Keep in mind – we only hit the main shops! There are many shops and stores that we were not able to visit, but this list will give you a pretty good idea of what the town has to offer.

Country Heritage Furniture

This is one of the first shops you’ll hit as you come in to town and it’s definitely worth a stop. Even if you aren’t planning on purchasing any pieces – just seeing the craftsmanship of some of the furniture is definitely worth it!

amish made grey formal dinning table and chairs

Jamesport Sales & Surplus

The next batch of shops you’ll run into will be the Sales & Surplus. This place is great for finding little nic-nacs and trinkets as well as useful items on sale. Be forewarned though – it’s not the best place to bring a child if you don’t plan on buying something! We learned that one the hard way.

Amish store sign with horse and buggy out front

Jamesport Country Store

Now this is one of my favorite stops! You can get just about anything in bulk – and at much better prices than Sam’s Club. Not to mention, much of it is local! You have to watch yourself though, or you’ll end up buying 10x what you had planned. Trust me, I know!

rows of candies being sold in bulk at an amish store

Countryside Bakery

Now this is my favorite store hands down! As soon as you step in the door you get surrounded by the smell of fresh baked bread and sweets. Everything I dream of baking at home, but rarely actually do. Their supply is constantly changing, but I can guarantee you’ll never be disappointed!

Fresh amish bread in several different varieties

H&M Country Store

This is the place to go to get fresh fruit, baking supplies, and candies. They have some amazing Salt Water Taffy, as well as a lot of very unique Gummy Bear flavors! They also have kettle corn, spices, and just about everything else.

salt water taffy sale boat with candy in it at amish store

Farmhouse Collection

Farmhouse Collection actually has a sister store here in Hamilton (that is much smaller than the store in Jamesport). Their candles are a little expensive, but they are well worth it! The scents are heavenly, natural, and the entire candle will burn. Unlike the candles you get at other stores that leave wax around the edges and never quite burn to the bottom. And if you’re lucky, you might even get to see them make some of their candles!

row of candles for sale on old rustic wood shelves

Sue’s Soft Stuff

If you’re in the market for yarn – this is the place for you! Missouri Star Quilt Company doesn’t always have a very large assortment of yarn, but Sue’s has you covered. The owner personally knits and is always interested in providing ideas and insights into potential projects.

yarn ropes for sale at an amish store

Step Back In Time Tours

Their step on tour guide joins you in your car, minivan, etc. and gives you a 2.5 hour tour of Jamesport! You get to see their school, farms, saw mill, deer farms, and so much more. Needless to say, our daughter LOVED it. Reservations are required, so head over to their website before heading out:

toddler girl giving a brown horse a hug

As I mentioned at the beginning, we were only able to hit a fraction of the shops. There’s also a creamery with homemade cheeses, quilt stores, fabric barns, and so much more! Below is a link to a map with a full list of the shops around Jamesport to help you plan your trip.

 Jamesport Area Map

Pinterest picture of girl petting a brown horse

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