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The Hamilton Sweet Shoppe

WARNING: mouth watering pictures ahead! We have a new sweeterie in town! The Hamilton Sweet Shoppe has taken up residence down the street from The Hangout, and we're in love. Not only is fudge always on the menu, but they also have these adorable comfy chairs and tables so you can go in, play games, snack, and just enjoy getting in out of the cold.

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A Cleaning Schedule That Works

Today we want to share our cleaning schedule with you - but in such a way that you could apply it to your own home! We hold our homes to extremely high cleanliness standards here at Dawson Retreats and have spent years perfecting what should be done during a cleaning and how often.

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The Hamilton Quilt Museum – Phase 1

The grand opening for the Hamilton Quilt Museum - Phase 1 took place a couple days before Birthday Bash, and we had the privilege to be able to attend. The moment you step in, it's clear that a lot of work (and love) went into creating this experience.

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A Wedding To Remember

A fall garden wedding, flowers everywhere, tulle draped across ceilings & down walls, and a blushing bride to be. It was an evening to remember - and we were so happy to be a part of it!

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Daisy – Our Four Legged Friend

This sweet little Jersey cow joined our family at the Villa about a month ago and we couldn't be more pleased. She has the sweetest temper and loves being scratched behind the ears. Benjamin even rides Daisy around the pasture!

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Weston Apple Festival

Weston is a wonderful town located just a couple miles north of Kansas City, MO. Weston has won numerous awards for being the best day trip, best overnight stay, & best Kansas City destination.

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