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Our Newest Team Member

Our Newest Team Member

We would like to officially welcome our newest team member to Dawson Retreats. She’s a little inexperienced, but we think she more than makes up for that in cuteness. 😉 Please join with me in welcoming. . .

Lillian Rose Dawson

Born August 9th, 2018 at about 8:02am she is one of our most precious treasures. Lydia’s arrival precipitated the opening of The Cottage, so I think it’s only fitting that Lillian preceded the opening of The Villa.

Mother and father looking down at newborn

Whereas Lydia is a perfect storm, Lillian is the eye of it. The calm center that reminds us all to slow down and enjoy the little moments… Like these adorable little toes!

little baby girl toes sticking out over a wicker basket


Being a mother was never something I dreamed about, or even intended to do. But like most things that we never plan for, I can’t imagine life without my two girls! This pregnancy was very difficult for all of us, as I was nearly bedridden for the entire 9 months. But the blessing that came from it has made all those months of trial worth it.

Baby girl swaddled in white blanket with pink bow

That being said, it’s going to take a while before I work up the courage to go through it all again (if I ever do)! My husband has 13 siblings and I come from a family with 3 kids, so I feel like two children is a happy medium. Lol.

father holding and comforting a baby girl

We couldn’t do any of this if Benjamin wasn’t such an amazing husband & father. He is an extremely talented craftsman and builds beautiful houses, but he builds an even better home. His love and patience has gotten our family of four through many rough patches as we’ve struggled to get each Retreat Home opened. I can’t imagine doing any of this without him.

mother smiling down at her newborn daughter

We are still trying to figure out how to balance phone calls and emails with the constant demands of a new born, so please be patient with us as we try to find our new rhythm. It is amazing what a lack of sleep does to one’s psyche!

baby girl sound asleep on blanket

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