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How To Prepare For Overnight Guests

How To Prepare For Overnight Guests

If there’s one thing we’re pretty passionate about here at Dawson Retreats, it’s making sure you have an excellent stay while you’re with us! Over the past two years of business (and hundreds of guests later) we’ve learned a thing or two about making sure your stay is spectacular.

Recently, we had a friend of ours come to us in a panic. Their family was coming into town last minute and they wanted to make sure they had everything they needed. HELP!!

This plea for last minute advise on making a guest room feel welcoming has inspired us to share what we’ve learned over the years with all of you – our dedicated readers. So here it goes!

Guest Towels

There is nothing worse as a guest than to have to come to your host begging for towels so you can clean yourself. We’ve all been there. So to reduce the embarrassment, we suggest placing a set of towels for each person staying on their bed where they will be sleeping. If not on the bed, at least have them in an obvious place in the room so your guests can find them without asking. Trust us, this makes a huge difference!

While you’re placing the towels in their room, we also suggest putting a few other toiletry items they might need with them. Some examples could be extra soap and shampoo, a new razor, toothbrush, or a small tube of toothpaste.

Guest Comfort Amenities

Now that your guests don’t have to come asking you for toiletry items, let’s move on to comfort. Now, it is easy to goover board with this one, but we suggest keeping it simple. If you go too extravagant, your guests will feel

Preparing For Overnight Guests

like they owe you something. You don’t want that! You just want them to feel welcome and appreciated.

First off, make sure you have tissues in their bedroom. This one is a biggie. Tissues are another item you don’t want to have to ask your host for, but always seem to be needed!

An extra blanket is another must. People are used to a wide range of temperatures at night, and chances are pretty good your house will not be set to their ideal level. With a blanket, you don’t have to worry about them getting cold. And if they are too warm, they can always fold back the comforter and use your provided blanket instead.

To go along with that, try and provide one firm and one soft pillow per person staying. This one thing can make such a difference in their stay! We’ve all been there – when we’re visiting family and wake up with a neck ache each morning. No matter how much we love the company, we’re thinking about an early trip home so we can get some sleep!

If possible, it’s always nice to provide a place for your guest to put their suitcase so that it’s off the floor. Even if you just have a trunk at the foot of the bed, that’s enough! Having to constantly kneel down on the floor every time they need something is at minimum an annoyance. At worst, it’s a literal pain.

Guest Extras

Once you have the toiletries and comfort items, you can add in a couple extra items to put their stay over the top.

Something that will make a big impact right off the bat is having a small basket on the nightstand or bed complete with a water bottle, a small snack, and a chocolate. It doesn’t cost much, but it definitely shows you care! If you really want to take things to the next level, include a card that just says how excited you are to have your guests there at last.

If possible, it’s also nice to provide a way for your guests to block out the light from any windows. This will insure they get plenty of sleep – which is a large component to how they feel about their trip to see you. Black out curtains are best, but if all you have is a blanket to hang over the window that will work as well.

Similar to this, it’s also nice to place a small lamp on the nightstand for your guests. If you don’t have a lamp available, consider providing a nightlight they can plug in next to their bed. When you’re guests are in a different place, sometimes it’s hard to get from the overhead light switch back to their bed without stubbed toes.

Another nice gesture is to have the wifi password displayed somewhere visible. Even if you just write it on the back of the welcome card. Nowadays, just about everyone uses the internet on a semi-regular basis. And it’s considerate to provide them with wifi rather than forcing them to use their data to remain connected.

And there you have it! Implement these tips and you’ll have guests raving about how much they enjoyed their stay with you. It’s the little things in life that make such a difference, and that certainly holds true when welcoming others to your home for an overnight stay.

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