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Retreat Home #2 Approved!

I am so happy to announce that after three meetings with the city, we finally got approval to open a second retreat home in Hamilton, MO! We are working with the bank and hope to start ground work in the next couple weeks. Ahhh!

While I’m excited, I’m also really nervous. There’s no way I could clean two retreat homes when I can’t even keep my own home clean, so we’re going to be hiring our first employee this year. I feel like I need to start a scrapbook for little Dawson Retreats. Haha.

The Juicy Details

Well, as promised, I’m going to be sharing our progress on this with you over the next several months. Feel free to weigh in with any suggestions! Below is the layout for the home:

Dawson Retreats Floor Plan - hamilton mo - hotel - building

We’re going to put a king bed in Bedroom 1, and then queens in the other two bedrooms. The kitchen will be just a little bit smaller than the current retreat home, but it will be just as open! We’ve also made room to have an extra large dining table, with french doors out to the backyard. You’ll still have a washer and dryer, and this time we’re going to have a fold out bed that you can order upon request – that way no one is sleeping on the couch anymore!


legacy - retreat home - dawson retreats - hamilton mo - hotelWe’re also stepping it up a bit when it comes to furnishings. We’ve budgeted close to $17k to furnish this beautiful home, and I know it’ll pay off! You guys (ladies) are going to flip! We’ll have two large, comfortable couches and a 55″ TV nestled between two giant built ins in the living room; make-up mirrors and dressers in each bedroom, and extra lighting EVERYWHERE! You can’t really tell in the layout, but all the windows are extra large – letting in all that beautiful Missouri sunshine to light your quilts. And don’t worry, we’re still going to have a sewing desk with a machine and supplies. 🙂


Overall, I’m pretty jealous. Next time, I’ll try and get some pictures of the furniture we’ll be putting in. I’m still working to get it all organized and figure out some of the color schemes. We want everything to feel light and airy,  but at the same time dark enough so we don’t have to worry about stains. Any suggestions?

Love you all! Till next time!

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