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Retreat Home #3 Is Under Way!

Retreat Home #3 Is Under Way!

We are so excited to be announcing that Dawson Retreats’ THIRD retreat home will be opening up this spring! Winter has made for some slow building, but with the warm weather things are finally picking up.

In The Beginning:

This third retreat home represents so many hopes and dreams for our family. We bought this little four acre piece of land when my husband and I first got married. It was actually our first large purchase together.

I was pregnant with our daughter at the time, and we’d spend our evenings walking around the land, dreaming of what our future would be like. How we’d build a beautiful home out there – plant gardens – raise animals and remember the simple joys of life.

Today’s Update:

Today we’re having grass seed laid down for the front and side yards. Which is no easy task considering the property this house sits on is nearly 4 acres! I can’t wait to see what it looks like all covered in new, beautiful green grass. 🙂

Electrical rough in (all the wiring) is scheduled to be completed this week – which means drywall starts next week! Then it’s just paint, flooring, trim, and I get to decorate! Can you tell I’m a little excited? We’ve been having boxes of beds, tables, and decorations arriving for over a week now and I’m about bursting at the seems to start opening them and setting stuff up.

In Other News:

Our built in entertainment at the home (the goats) have been busy as well. In addition to keeping the grass down on their side of the yard, they are also bringing us some new family members for the new year. So far, six little baby goats have joined the herd, and they are just the sweetest little things!

It’s been wonderful watching the mothers care of their precious little ones. As I grow more and more pregnant – I hit the halfway mark next week! – I am appreciating their patience and gentility. I certainly don’t feel quite so calm.

I’d give just about anything for it to be August already so I can feel like a normal human being again! Between not sleeping at night, and being exhausted during the day, I feel like I’ve been just ghosting through these past several months.

It’s all finally coming together! The home is really starting to take shape, and we have a wonderful little herd of sweet goats that love playing with our two year old daughter. We even have baby chickens arriving in two weeks!

The land is going to be covered in soft new grass in a couple weeks, and there will be gardens everywhere. Wisteria over the back deck, fruit trees along the drive, Lily of the Valley beside the creek bed, and Lilacs around the house. We’re creating a paradise where there was once nothing but weeds.

I’ve never had so much fun in my life!

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