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The Hamilton Quilt Museum – Phase 1

The Hamilton Quilt Museum – Phase 1

The grand opening for the Hamilton Quilt Museum – Phase 1 took place a couple days before Birthday Bash, and we had the privilege to be able to attend. The moment you step in, it’s clear that a lot of work (and love) went into creating this experience. And we are so thankful to welcome a quilt museum to Hamilton, MO! What could be more fitting?

The Toy Sewing Machines

Stepping into the museum you are greeted by a room filled from floor to ceiling with one of the world’s largest collections of antique toy sewing machines. It’s a bold reminder of the time that once was – where sewing, and quilting, was a part of daily life. When it was so commonplace that even the smallest child wanted a machine so they could be “just like mom”.

Hamilton Quilt Museum toy sewing machines

And as I walked through the room and noticed the intricate designs on them, and the attention to detail, I found myself wishing I could go back and see what life had been like. What family life had been like back then. While I was madly running around trying to make sure my daughters didn’t touch or break anything, the families back then had been able to enjoy and preserve them so that they remained in perfect condition for us to now marvel at.

Hamilton Quilt Museum toy sewing machines

The Patchwork Room

As I finished marveling at the toy sewing machines I was about to head back home until I saw a doorway off to the side and decided to investigate. I’m glad that I did, otherwise I would have missed over half the museum (and my favorite room of it).

Hamilton Quilt Museum antique sewing machines

I’m not sure what they are calling this room, but I have nicknamed it the Patchwork Room because they have painstakingly patched together old sewing patterns along the walls, and fabric along the floors of this room. <3 I’m afraid I spent more time looking at the floors than at the antique sewing machines! It was simply stunning, and unlike anything I’d ever seen before.

Hamilton Quilt Museum antique sewing machines

The Quilt Room

As you leave the patchwork floors behind, you step into a room where every wall features a quilt. And not just any quilt! They have quilts featuring different techniques, patterns, styles. . . I found myself standing in the center of the room with my mouth gaping in awe! It was such an inspiration to stand there surrounded by so much dedication and creativity and skill.

Hamilton Quilt Museum quilt wall

One of my favorite quilts in there took small scraps and spun them together in this intricate pattern which made up a single block. Then they repeated it for dozens of others. I can’t even imagine the amount of time and skill a quilt like that would take to make! If you know – please drop me a note in the comments!

Hamilton Quilt Museum display quilt

The Quilt Stage

After you exit the quilt room, you come to a stage, where all their favorite quilts and machines are on display. I can only imagine the events they plan on having in this space. Below I’ll include a list of their upcoming quilt shows in case you want to come check them out! They look like a lot of fun.

Hamilton Quilt Museum antique sewing machines

2020 Quilt Shows @ The Museum

January – “Snowed In”
March – “Good As Gold”
May – “Butterfly”
June – “Chalke The Block”
July – “Land That I Love”
August – “Block The Block”
September – “Show Me Your Hamilton”
October – “Pumpkin Patch”
December – “Nativity”

The museum is located just on the other side of the block from our Cottage and Townhome in Hamilton, MO right behind the World’s Largest Spool of Thread. How cool is that?! If you want to check out their website or become a partner with the museum, below is a link that will take you there! Love you guys 🙂

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