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The Hamilton Sweet Shoppe

The Hamilton Sweet Shoppe

WARNING: mouth watering pictures ahead!

We have a new sweeterie in town! The Hamilton Sweet Shoppe has taken up residence down the street from The Hangout, and we’re in love. Not only is fudge always on the menu, but they also have these adorable comfy chairs and tables so you can go in, play games, snack, and just enjoy getting in out of the cold (or heat, depending on the time of year).

The Menu

The main staples at the sweet shop are fudge (and lots of it!), truffles, and ice cream. They also had some taffy, peanut clusters, chocolate covered oreos, and some other chocolate related treats. But the fudge, truffles, and ice cream took center stage.

Hamilton Sweet Shoppe near Missouri Star Quilt Co chocolate oreos

Now, in my mind, it just doesn’t get much better than chocolate covered oreos. We originally went in just to get some pictures and try the fudge, but we ended up leaving with THREE BAGS full of goodies! I’m blaming that one on the three year old. 😉

Hamilton Sweet Shoppe near Missouri Star Quilt Co fudge

For those of you who are die hard fudge lovers – this place will not disappoint! I consider myself a bit of a fudge snob, having worked next door to a FANTASTIC fudge shop for several years. And let me tell you, the fudge at the Sweet Shoppe definitely held its own. The texture is smooth and the flavor is out of this world. I highly recommend the mint chocolate, but they were all delicious.

Hamilton Sweet Shoppe near Missouri Star Quilt Co truffles

The truffles were some of the most adorable things I think I’ve probably ever seen. I love the details and colors in each different kind! The flavor was great – but they aren’t what I was expecting. I like my truffles with just a thin layer of chocolate and a whole lot of melt in your mouth delicious filling. These truffles go the opposite direction and have a thick chocolate crust with just a little filling. Still completely delicious, just not what I had envisioned. So if you like a lot of chocolate crust, these are definitely for you! If not, spend the money and get extra chocolate oreos or fudge. 😉

Hamilton Sweet Shoppe near Missouri Star Quilt Co ice cream

And the last piece of the menu puzzle – the ice cream. Guys, just thinking about the bowl I had is making my mouth water! This was some of the best ice cream I’ve had in a very long time and I was so pleasantly surprised! The bowl pictured is just their $1 bowl with three mini scoops. Which was perfect for me. They also offer a medium $2 bowl and a large $3 bowl. But between the price and the flavor, I can pretty much guarantee they will have my regular business this coming summer!

The Sweet Shoppe Owners

This was the best part. The Sweet Shoppe is owned by an adorable younger couple who just got married less than a year ago at the time of this post. When we’ve gone in, Molly (the wife) has been behind the counter and helped us. She has the type of personality you immediately fall in love with, and her bubbly disposition perfectly matches the bright beautiful store they’ve opened up.

Hamilton Sweet Shoppe near Missouri Star Quilt Co - fudge

Overall, I highly recommend making this a stop on your list when coming to Hamilton – especially if you have a sweet tooth! Hamilton hasn’t always had a lot to offer by way of food establishments, but we’re working hard to change that. And I think this sweet shop is definitely a step in the right direction. What do you think?

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