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The Powell Gardens

The Powell Gardens

Let me preface this by saying that gardens are pretty much my favorite place. And a garden that I don’t have to pull weeds out of? Even better! So finding out that the Powell Gardens was about an hour and 20 minutes from Hamilton meant that we were making a trip the very next weekend!

Kansas City’s Botanical Garden

Powell Gardens was so much more than I expected! The amount of time and thought they’ve put into every aspect of the park just blew me away. It contains 7 main gardens, with winding beautiful trails leading to and through each of them. Every section of trail is lined in thoughtful, almost woodland like, gardens. It’s all very natural and makes you feel like you’ve stepped into the garden of eden.

We planned on being at the gardens for a couple of hours – but it wasn’t nearly enough time to see everything! So next time I’m going to bring a packed lunch for everyone and we’ll plan on spending the day out at the gardens. I don’t know if we could even see everything in one day!

Powell Gardens woodland garden

The Gardens Themselves

Woodland & Stream Garden:

As an avid hiker, this might have been my favorite section of the gardens. They’ve done an amazing job of cultivating gardens that look completely natural. Between the beautiful trees and the thoughtful lily of the valley ground cover, I felt like I’d stepped into another world. One that made my soul sing. If I hadn’t had a toddler pulling at me to get to the more exciting areas, I could have sat on one of the benches for hours and just listed to the water running over the rocks, and the birds singing in the canopy. Maybe one day. 😉

Powell Gardens Edible Garden

Fountain Garden:

This was my daughter’s favorite spot in the gardens! It has fountains EVERYWHERE! Wonderful water features and rivers for kids to play in while the parents relaxed. My daughters were the only kids there when we went, so they got to explore to their heart’s content. My only struggle was trying to get all the pictures that I could before they moved on to the next fountain.

Harvest Garden:

This was a really neat feature that I don’t remember seeing at other botanical gardens – an edible garden! It was a whole section dedicated to fruits, and vegetables! It definitely gave me some ideas for my own garden back home.

Island Garden:

Other than the woodland garden, this one was my favorite… Completely surrounded by water and man-made waterfalls, this oasis made you feel like you were in an English garden. Geese were chatting and exploring the grounds as we got to follow meandering trails through the island. Each aspect of the area had been meticulously planned and thought out. Around every turn was another beautiful surprise.

Memorial Garden, Perennial Garden, & Nature Trail:

Powell Gardens island garden

These three we didn’t get to hit due to my lack of planning. I’m really looking forward to seeing them next time we go though! The nature trail is 3.25 miles long that takes you around the edge of the park through tons of flowering trees and bushes. The perennial garden is supposed to have flowers blooming at every point of the year, and the memorial garden sounds like just the place to sit and reflect! Full of peaceful hideaways and bubbling brooks.


Not only are they a garden, but they have a full calendar of events that take place there each year! They have a little bit of everything – butterflies, artists, musicians, & lanterns just to name a few. During the spring and summer months, there are multiple events going on every week, so you’re bound to have something exciting happening whenever you go!


Adults are just $10 for the day, seniors are $9, and kids 4 and under are FREE! It was well worth it for us – and I’m even considering buying a year pass so we can go more often. Parking is free and there was plenty of it! There’s even a cafe on site at the Powell Gardens that uses the produce from their edible garden in all of the meal offerings.

If you haven’t been – this would definitely be an item I’d add to my summer list to see! So if you’re flying into KC and have a little bit of time. to kill, why not stop at the gardens on your way up to Hamilton?

Powell Gardens - A day trip from Hamilton, MO

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